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Harry Potter Hogwarts Blk T-Shirt
Harry Potter Hogwarts Blk T-Shirt

Warner Bros

Harry Potter Hogwarts Blk T-Shirt

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Isn't it annoying how people who AREN'T actually Hogwarts alumni will wear a Hogwarts shirt, as if they spent seven years attending quidditch games and playing pranks on Filch? Posers. You, on the other hand, know every secret passageway and the best study spots in the library, because you actually went there. Sport this black cotton Harry Potter Crest Men's Athletic Heather T-Shirt with pride - it's a Harry Potter shirt that has a magic spell woven into the screen print of the school crest that will make non-Hogwarts alumni feel as though they're wearing a itchy hair shirt.* (*Okay, not really, but Harry Potter t shirts really should come with that sort of precaution. We can't have Muggles and Squibs cavorting about in a Hogwarts t shirt, sullying the good name of the school.)



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