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Our Love for You

We at Being Exotic love you for the fact that you are yourself. Being Exotic Is To Be Yourself. Based in Los Angeles, California, We at Being Exotic strive our best to bring the latest fashion and trends from all over the world to you. We continually but patiently add collections that speak our passion, which is why you are never overwhelmed by random products.

Is To Be En Vogue

At Being Exotic we research the world's major fashion hubs to bring one stop fashion statements for you. We always remember that fashion means to carry what you like and what makes you feel comfortable.


A New Experience of Flavor

Coffee tastes have changed so much that I remember around 2012, introducing a much more acidic coffee into our blend thinking we were going to lead customers into a new experience of flavour, only to be dismayed on day one with customer’s dissatisfaction with a fruitier and more flavourful coffee. Coffee is after all the seed of a fruit. From then on, we began to work at a gradual pace, turning up the brightness a little, season after season. Today we can proudly craft a coffee with notes of lemon meringue, strawberry or passionfruit and find people on all sides of the counter are learning and developing their pallets.

Is Doing What You Like

Is Doing What You Like

Being Exotic Is Doing What You Like. We strongly believe that what we do defines what we are. At Being Exotic we ensure that you get what enables you to do that.

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